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TypeScript Playground

Opensource and free resource to learn and practice TypeScript skills. Tutorials, code snippets and sample applications.

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FeedbackR Survey

An Open-source and free survey app. Use it as a starter to build your own custom feedback collection app or use it as your reference to explore a production-ready MERN stack build. Built with React + Redux, Routing. Stripe Payments, Google OAuth, webhooks, and more.

React JSReduxGoogle OAuth StripeWebhooksMongo DBMongooseHerokuMERN Stack
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Slack Messenger clone

A slack like App built on React, styled-components, Redux, Firebase hooks

React JSReduxReact hooksReact RouterFirebaseStyled Components
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COVID-19 Tracking Dashboard

Covid-19 tracking dashboard created with React, React- hooks, D3.JS deployed on firebase. The App uses API to fetch real-time data and Visualize using D3.js and React components.

React JSFirebaseD3 JSReact API
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MyTube personal youtube App

MyTube is a personal Youtube player built on React and Youtube API. The app lets you search and play your favourite videos. This app was built for my mentees to demonstrate how to consume youtube API in a react APP.

React JSAxiosJavaScriptSemantic UI
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picsplash Image Search Gallery

A personal image search App built with React, Axios and Unsplash API. This app is one of the demo apps built to teach React to my mentees on Codementor.

React JSAxiosUnsplash APIJavaScript
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Covid Monster killer

A funfilled web app created with plain vanilla JavaScript HTML and CSS3 to teach school kids how to code.

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Type DJ

This App creates shapes on HTML5 canvas and plays DJ sounds for every key typed. A fun app created to teach teens who code on using javascript and howler.js

JavascriptHTML canvasHowler JS
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(Not)To-Do List

A Minimal (Not)to-do list app using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and JavaScript. This is a quick demo app to demonstrate basic Javascript and DOM manipulation for starters.

JavaScriptHTML 5CSS 3
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The Uncalculator

An Unconventional yet simple calculator app to teach basic Javascript to Newbies and teens.

JavaScriptHTML 5CSS 3Tutorial
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Guess the color

A fun Javascript guessing game built to teach Javascript girls who code.

HTML 5CSS 3JavaScript

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