About me

I Have been crafting software professionally and building teams for over 12 years. My love for coding started way back in school printing "Hello!" with BASIC on DOS. I’ve carried on since & found my NIRVANA in creating Apps that make life better. I believe performance is a feature & engaging user experience is worth the extra effort. I know "best practices" but I'm pragmatic on their application. I select architectures & design patterns based on context rather than religion.

I am a Certified Agile - DevOps practitioner, an MBA, and hold MS in IT Management from SUNY Buffalo (Go Bulls!). I'm passionate about finding simple solutions to thorny problems with the right Tech-Stack. I love teaching what I learn and mentoring developers.

I live in the beautiful Toronto area. While I'm not building .... you can find me riding my bike around the lakeshore or mentoring at a Canada Learning Code workshop.

Current Interests: Full-Stack Development, Web Technologies, Microservices & Cloud

JavascriptTypeScriptNode JSGraphQLReactGoAWSGoogle cloudDockerKubernetesNoSQLSQLMicroservices

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