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FeedbackR Survey

An Open-source and free survey app. Use it as a starter to build your own custom feedback collection app or use it as your reference to explore a production-ready MERN stack build. Built with React + Redux, Routing. Stripe Payments, Google OAuth, webhooks, and more.

React JSReduxGoogle OAuth StripeWebhooksMongo DBMongooseHerokuMERN Stack
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TypeScript Playground

Opensource and free resource to learn and practice TypeScript skills. Tutorials, code snippets and sample applications.

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Slack Messenger clone

A slack like App built on React, styled-components, Redux, Firebase hooks

React JSReduxReact hooksReact RouterFirebaseStyled Components
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COVID-19 Tracking Dashboard

Covid-19 tracking dashboard created with React, React- hooks, D3.JS deployed on firebase. The App uses Disease.sh API to fetch real-time data and Visualize using D3.js and React components.

React JSFirebaseD3 JSReact HooksJavaScriptDisease.sh API
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Jest | Cypress | Mocha | Chai | Jasmine

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